Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Stocks, Surf & A Trip To The Train Station

Picked up some shares of ICT Group (ICTG) - they specialize in outsourced customer management for banks, IT, and insurance. I stumbled across it after it was upgraded to a 'buy'. It's been running under it's 200 day MA (moving average) and recently dropped even lower because they lowered earnings from $118m to $115m for this quarter - it's been tough training staff fast enough to fill demands. I figure it's a good time to jump in while it's selling well below it's share price target. I'll at least stick it out until Q2 earnings come in, maybe longer.

Bells Beach RipCurl Pro was called off for today. I was hoping to watch some surfing to get me stoked in anticipation of a possible surf session tomorrow. I even went out and picked up some new booties since I hate how my other pairs (I now have 4???) fill up with water because they're too wide. Anyone out there interested in buying some slightly used booties? I'll let you know how they work.

Jackie gets back from a short business trip to Portland around 9:45 tonight. I'm looking forward to having her home for a few days considering she'll be gone for another 15 out of 31 day this month.

Random pic I took this morning while futzing around with my camera in the car-

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