Thursday, April 12, 2007

Aussies on a roll

Taj Burrow wins the RipCurlPro @ Bells beating out AI in the last 90 seconds. That makes two wins in a row for Aussie crew, and first win for Taj since 2004. Could this be their year? Let's see how they do outside their country.

I'm stoked for Taj's big win, but he really didn't help my fantasy surf team. I'm currently placed around 2400 out of 9900. I'm going to blame it on my rookies. They really showed their experience with only one of them making it into the 4th round. I guess I'll stick with a few of them since it's about all I can afford on my roster - Slater,Parko, and Fanning, are really eating up my budget.

Good news! I'll be home tomorrow. A really crazy thing happen tonight. United Air called and asked if I wouldn't mind taking a non-stop flight home instead of stopping in Chicago. I bet this is something like LOST - I've been chosen to lead some master race of super-humans. I'd just be stoked to live on a tropical island.

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