Thursday, April 29, 2010

Race Days - Pro GRT #1

I usually don't get too excited about races. As a matter of fact I don't stick around for the actual race. I seem to get much more accomplished during the practice rounds. This past weekend was a different story - round #1 of the Pro-GRT. Thanks to the Iceland volcano the turn out was much better than usual, and the caliber of riders was right up there with the World Cup. I'm not a racer, and no aspirations of becoming one, but I could still appreciate the skill these World Cup guys and gals bring to the hill.

Dan Atherton - 5th place

Congratulations to the New Transition Bikes team. Bryn Atkinson took 1st in Men Pro Downhill and Jill Kintner placed 3rd in the Womens Pro Downhill. Pretty impressive for the newly formed team and Jill's 3rd (maybe 4th) downhill race ever. Here are the rest of the results:

Pro Men (Top 10)

#1 Bryn Atkinson
#2 Justin Leov
#3 Luke Strobel
#4 Andrew Neethling
#5 Daniel Atherton
#6 Aaron Gwin
#7 Dan Stanbridge
#8 Danny Hart
#9 Neko Mulally
#10 Curtis Keene

Tracy Moseley - 1st place

Pro Women (top 10)
#1 Tracy Moseley
#2 Rachel Atherton
#3 Jill Kintner
#4 Melissa Buhl
#5 Jacqueline Harmony
#6 Katie Holden
#7 Strand Katrina
#8 Anka Martin
#9 Darian Harvey
#10 Dawn Fidler

Dan Stanbridge - 7th place