Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Living like a king

Room service, room with a view, clean sheet every day, news paper at my door, being called Sir, dirty laundry that just disappears, big bed all to myself, wake up calls, and cable tv while away on business. Sounds pretty nice doesn't it.

Cell phone rings every ten minutes, sleep 3 hours a night, wake up 3 hours earlier than normal, shitty hotel food, crap on tv, living out of a bag, big bed all to myself, a week without Jackie, another week with no chance of surf, and 8 hours on a plane. Doesn't sound like much fun anymore- especially after my 100th time going to the same place.

It seems like I've been on the road alot lately. I guess could be a good thing. My ankle was really sore after surfing the other day and it could really use some rest. Jackie's on the road about half of the month so it's nice I'm not just sitting at home waiting for her to get back- now just waiting it out in a hotel room.

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