Sunday, April 15, 2007

Skunked on Saturday

As we expected, Shane P. wuss'd out so the trip to Westport was down to just Drex and I. We had to get to the coast early because of some prior plans that consisted of an afternoon BBQ and a late night at the The Whiskey Bar. 5:30am wake up seemed to be in order.

We arrived to find nothing happening in the Cove, the groins too full from the tide, and didn't even bother to check the jetty. The groins were pretty much our only choice...again.

We watched some pretty big sets roll through, not huge, but pretty big for the groins. Nonstop sets breaking further out than usual made the steady current even more of a challenge. Continuously having to dive under a wall of white water does not help when trying to paddle against a river. The few guys that were out were being dragged around the last finger, except for one guy towards the main peak who was holding his ground.

We were taking our time getting in and even deliberated waiting till slack tide, but Drex isn't one to sit around very long. He's definitely an optimist...almost to a fault at times. I wish I could sometimes share the same "glass half full" attitude, but not in this instance. I decided to hang back and watch a few other guys make the paddle before I'd commit myself.

Good thing I did because in the short time I was sitting there deliberating going in, and taking a few pics, I witnessed a few boards get banged up against the rocks. A couple guys even had to exit the water and rethink their strategy on how to get in because a 2 minute paddle turned into 10 minutes of getting nowhere. Even Drex, who I'd consider a competent paddler, was being sucked into the rocks. And once he did make it out it was a losing battle to try and stay in position to catch a wave. Needless to say no one's session lasted very long.

We were home in plenty of time to bring up the webcam and see how much better the surf got at low tide. I guess it's my payback for not wanting to battle the current and surf the slop at high tide. Now who's the wuss?

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