Monday, September 29, 2008

Weekend Report

Thanks to the surf I was able to keep the whole job thing off my mind. I ended up making 2 separate trips to the coast with PK, Peterson, and Kev. Waves were a little junky early Saturday, but the afternoon session was glassy and the interval seemed to clean up. Sunday started off with a little bump in the swell and some strong offshore winds that eventually backed off later in the day and made for even better surf than Saturday. My arms are wasted, face is red, and eye's burnt from the glare- this somehow makes me feel good.

Between trips we made it back to the city for the annual Spacecraft All-Star sticker party. Good times as usual with their crew. Didn't hang out too long, but long enough for a few beers and to ask Sara about a place to crash in Bali just in case I do get to take my new found free time and go on a trip. Tickets are about $1200.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The Axe Falls

All good things come to an end. Yesterday I received an unexpected early morning call from my CTO. He explained there was no rush to come in the office because once I got there I would handed my walking papers. At the same time he offered advice on who I should call if I wanted to find some immediate contract work. It sounds kinda harsh, but if you knew the guy you'd understand it was his way of trying to do me a favor. I found out later that day he, along with our 2 senior developers, were asked to leave by the board of directors. Down goes the ship.

Surprisingly I'm fine with all of this. I was given a decent severance package and already been asked if I want to do the same job somewhere else. I think I'm going to think it over for a while, but not too long seeing how shitty the economy is. At least a small surf trip is in my future.

Yesterday I did my best to milk the situation with a couple of my friends- breakfast, dinner, cream cheese hot dog, and free drinks all night. I need to hang out with a different crew tonight to see how long I can keep the pitty party going. Maybe keep it going through the weekend.

Heading to D and Lara's tonight to watch a couple of master debaters. I hoping it will go down something like this.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Work Week

Summer is fading away and it seems as though I've been concentrating on work a little more. Strange how that works huh? I'm sure the fall/winter swells will help draw my attention away. Kev and I actually talked about surfing tomorrow, but swell not working out as we expected.

I had to sit through a meeting with a vendor today were we talked about MySQL replication for hours. I really had to try not to laugh each time our Indian counterpart said "I put the dump on the server".

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Selling Out - That's ME!

Today I logged onto my Smugmug site to upload the weekend pics I noticed someone left a comment. I was expecting the usual kind words from Mom or maybe some random person telling me I have a nice camera (uh...thanks), but to my surprise this month's comment (yes, I only have 33 comments total after like 4 years) was one telling me "...don't be a sell out". Yeah, someone had the balls to offer me advice on posting pics of "WA spots...that have been kept secret over 30 years". ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Some schmuck navigated to (a hugely popular site on the interweb ;) ) and then went through 2 levels of categories to find the 10th gallery containing a picture of a secret surf spot, eventhough this picture is not named anything. Yeah, it's a secret surf's a secret unless you found directions to it IN FUCKING SURFER MAGAZINE a few years back.

I'll let you guys in on something- is my personal repository for EVERY PICTURE I TAKE. That's right, all of them, secret surf spots included. And what do I usually do with those pics? NOTHING! 75% of them sit there for my personal appreciation. Occasionally they get posted on my blog, on friends blogs, some emails get sent out to friends with links to `em...that's about it. I can even monitor the traffic to individual galleries, and I'll tell you the number of hits is not impressive. So to say I'm selling out is a joke. To even imply I'm undermining the integrity of WA surfing is a joke. Chances are this schmuck sent all his friends links to my site to bitch about me exposing some secret...increasing my sites traffic to 5 visitors a day. OOHHH!

Haha! I can't believe I'm even writing this post like an open letter to the internet.
Like anyone really cares. I feel like some retard talking to themselves when I write this shit.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lowest Common Denominator

I'm not a huge fan of La Push, although every time I go I manage to have a good time. It's hard for me not to have a good time with my crew of friends, and once you throw waves into the matter where we go I enjoy myself. But if you were to ask me where I wanted to go it would not be La Push.

I'd say the people who hang out there are about the closest thing to the Appalachian hill-billies that we have here on the West Coast. I'm not talking about the Native Americans. I'm talking about the rednecks who drop the chainsaw to come out of the Ho rain forest to hang out in a trailer park/campground because it's the most exciting scene for 50 miles.

The few surfers I've been introduced out there to have been pretty cool, but the majority of lot lurkers seem to be a mix between the ex-presidents and Cletus The Slack Jawed Yokel.

I honestly have no clue why this bothers me now, I've been going there for years. Waves usually give me the ability to tune out any asshole within a mile of the water. Maybe it's cause I have a rash from my aging and deteriorating wetsuit. It's time for a new one.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Birthday Bashin'

I brought my new Canon G9 along this weekend to help document what turned out to be an extremely successful camp trip on the coast. I'm really stoked on the image quality of low ISO settings and manual functionality. It's defiantly going to lighten my load of camera gear on short trips and day hikes.

The first night we had to put up with a little rain, but the weather cleared up and remained sunny for the next 3 days. The friends who arrived a few days before us, and scored our camping spot, weren't so lucky. They ended up leaving early and took my tent with them, I resorted to sleep under the stars for the rest of the weekend.

North Star - Taken with the 5D

Surf also panned out for us. For 2 days straight we had the Dump to ourselves. What the wave lacked of in size it made up for in it's fun factor - clean and consistent. Somehow even in the 'fun sized' surf I managed to leave with a few chunks missing from my board, and knuckles, because of the shallow reef.

The rest of the pics can be seen here, and a more detailed blog about the trip here.