Monday, April 30, 2007

Last day...again

I'm not sure if it was the onshore winds, the rain, or the $3.35 a gallon gas, that convinced us driving out to the coast was a bad idea this weekend. Since surf was out of the question it's a good thing Alpental decided to stay open another weekend. I would have gone crazy just sitting around the house all weekend.

After the last weekend in Whistler I was sure that would be my last time on a snowboard for the 06-07 season. I was actually fine with it too. This was a pretty disappointing season- not because of the snow conditions, but because of my condition. I was plagued with injuries- fractured vertebrae and twisted ankle. Both are injuries require a fair amount of rest...something I'm not very good at.

Even though conditions weren't the greatest, it was pretty good for April 29th. It was sunny for a good part of the day. Sun always seems to make a riding session seem that much better. I guess the PBR's helped too, but I blame all the fun on the sun. I guess we'll have next weekend to ride too, but I'll be looking to surf if the waves work out.

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