Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Clearing off my memory cards

It's been a while since I've been motivated to post anything. I really don't have much I can share right now except for some random shots sitting on my memory cards and outtakes from a recent shoot for Redline.

The Redline catalog photo shoot pit crew
The finished product
On location in Pioneer Square
Sittin' down on the job
Becker on the assist - I'm not paying you to check your phone
Ivey in the alley
Ivey keeping us entertained
Becker on the assist again - now pretend your a bike
Redline photo shoot - Trail time in near Rainier
Rainier making an appearance
A little too close to the action
End of the shoot - photo by Becker
Sunday shuttle @ Ranger
Class is in session - Shorty's, Oregon
What's in the bag Otter?
Indian Beach, OR.
End of the day