Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Always trust your first instinct

If you believe you should only take advice from someone who's needed it in the past...well, I'm that someone. I wish someone was there to offer advice this morning when I decided to merge on to I-90 instead of head south on I-5. Last night I told myself I was going to take a day off to go surfing. The conditions seemed right - NW swell 6ft 15seconds with offshore winds. Oh yeah, clear skies too.

This morning I woke up with intentions of sending an email to work explaining how I wasn't going to be making it into the office today. I happen to see an email from a fellow co-worker who had beat me to the punch - 'Bill will be out of the office this afternoon'. I had no choice...I had to go into the office. Little did I know today would be as slow as watching cement dry, and that I would have plenty of time to check the RainbowsEnd webcam.

Until I redeem myself by shirking all responsibilites and spend an entire day surfing this will be the image that will haunt me -

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