Monday, May 31, 2010

Pacific City Flop House

When a rental house says it sleeps ten you can always plan on at least being room for 15 which of course we interpreted as “Plenty of room for 18 people, 3 dogs, 34 boards, and 24 wetsuits.”. Actually it was enough room as long as you were ok with sleeping on floor, and waiting to take a shower. Surprisingly we ended up with too much food and not enough beer.

Surf was fun at best which meant there was plenty of time for heckling from the shore, poker games, and sun bathing. One night we even decided to make the journey into the town and belly up to the bar. The Sportsman was one of two establishments in all of town that would serve drinks after 10, so you can just imagine the crowds there on a busy weekend. It was perfect people watching and listening to cover bands. We closed it down and moved on.

Next stop that night was pretty random and unexpected. While walking home we passed a home that appeared to be having a party and figured it was ok to knock on the door. Despite not knowing a single person there we were still invited in, offered beer, and asked to participate in a beer pong game. Otter and Eli agreed to play, but made them wash all the cups first to avoid contracting herpes (HSV-1) from a bunch of college kids. I vacuumed the floor.

We ended that night by going back to the house and making sure to wake everyone up. After that the rest of the trip was pretty uneventful- surfing, DVDs, Yo-yo'ing, Lorn attempt at sandboarding, poker, beer, hiking out of bounds, and grilling.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

First Time - The Sounders

Stolen from the interweb

So far I've been reluctant to attend. I've endured tremendous amounts of peer pressure, and have even been made fun for not participating. I guess everyone has already been doin' it for a season or two. It's not that I was afraid to join in, but mainly due to games being on the weekend and could possibly take time away from surfing plans. Oh yeah, and I can't stand soccer.

Otter convinced me that I would have a solid support crew (Peterson, Lorn, Alexis, Ryan, Sophia...) to make sure my first time was enjoyable and since it was on a weekday it would not interfere with a trip to the coast. I went as far as to find a green shirt and spent $8 for a 16oz beer to order to fit in. I also did my best to pay attention and applaud only at appropriate times, which really wasn't that difficult because the seats were near the action and it was what most fans would consider a high scoring game- Sounders 3 Argentina 0.

In the end I will admit to having a good time. I still could give a shit about the Sounders, but could easily fall victim to the mob mentality fueled by stadium food, tap beer, and kept warm with blue & green scarves. I can't say I'd be willing to buy a jersey yet even though I love the "friendly game" color- Electric green.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Carrying Baggage

This is pretty much what my life feels like- a pile of surf wax, wetsuits, bike pads, helmets, sleeping bags, camera bags, light stands, changes of clothes, and somewhere under all of that is my laptop for work...and that's not even the beginning of the baggage I feel I'm carrying right now.

Thank God for 4 day weekends in sunny North Carolina where I can pretty much do what I want and don't know anyone well enough to feel I have to explain my actions. Back home now, but already feeling I desperately need to find that place again. Too much going on here to even think sometimes.

I have a lot to deal with still and a long road ahead before I can clear my head again...funny how that long road always leads to surf.