Monday, May 21, 2007

What happen to Johnny Utah?

Imagine the pleasant surprise I received when I stumbled across this tasty bit of Hollywood news-Point Break! Now imagine the huge shock I felt when I read that it's not going to star Johnny Utah. WTF? That's like making the sequel to North Shore and leaving out Turtle.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Better than expected

Woke up Saturday around 5:30 in the AM to check the buoys - 4ft @ 16sec from WSW w/winds out of the S. -2.5 low tide at 9:30 so we weren't in a huge hurry. Rolled out with Clem & Drex and planned to meet Peterson & Kelly out there. Big breakfast at the Westwind, but not for Kelly- lemon juice & cayenne pepper fast. Pretty impressed how she could watch us grub while going on her 3rd day of no food. Maybe I'll give it a try;)

Conditions at the Groins were better than I had expected - sun poking through, offshore winds, some decent sets pushing through. Current was pretty bad at RuffBar- no big surprise. I watched a couple of friends trying to position themselves at the peak, but didn't seem worth the effort. Everyone ended up back in the regular lineup.
Jetty was blown out so the lineup in the Groins pretty thick- normal for a summer weekend. I picked off a handful of fun waves, but defiantly wasn't going to qualify for the WCT 44 ;). Our session lasted about 2.5 hours, and was topped off with a couple of tacos on the way home.

Replacing my honda's radiator trumps a Sunday session. Hopefully conditions will improve this week so I can ditch work for a mid-week surf.

More pics from the session.

***Fantasy Surfer Update***
My results in the Teahupoo Pro has put me into the top 1k (out of 10k +). I still have some catching up to do if I expect to win the Indo trip.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Weekend Outlook

There's not much for me to say that every other blog on the interweb hasn't said already. I could bitch about- the price of gas, the war 5913 miles away (nautical miles in case you thought about paddling over there), price of a new radiator for my Honda, working 55 hours this week, battles with building permits...the list could go on and on, but would you really care anyways? I doubt it. Do I even care? Not really.

Here's what concerns me-

If for some reason you fail to see the significance in this powerful image than you should question yourself why at your my blog in the first place. Hopefully any layman can see that this image elucidates* everything Northwest surfers loath- favorable weekend coastal weather conditions but with absolutely no swell. What this translates to is the Washington coast line being reduced to almost a single surf spot. Not really, but when you consider 95% of weekend rental surfboards will be bumping rails at this very spot - it will damn sure feel like it's the only surf spot on the coast. Normally on a decent swell there's plenty of room to spread out if you don't feel like scratching a the peak, and if there's any swell at all the foam tops will never make it out past the shore break- leaving you, and the longboards 50 yards further out trying to catch everything that rolls by, to happily share the waves with your bro's ;)

So this weekend, unless you feel like gettin' all Louis and Clark on us, you'll be huddled in the protective reach of the Jetty along with 100 of your closest friends evil eyeing one another. Or if you're smart you'll just stay the hell away from there and surf in the middle of the week...that is if the waves ever decide to grace us with their presence again.

* - I had to use a Thesaurus for this one

Something to drool over until the next set comes through...

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Signs of Summer surf

We got a later start than we expected, not because Trav was hungover from his birthday party the night before, but I forgot to pick Drex up so we had to wait at the South Center rendezvous for him. The conditions didn't seem spectacular so there was really no big hurry. On the ride out Trav entertained us with his latest firefighter stories and I caught up with my reading on the latest SJ.

We arrived to find waist to chest high surf at the Jetty. Still pretty clean because of the lack of winds. Tide was about to bottom out. Drex called Clem and told him to meet us out there ASAP.

Surf was pretty fun for about an hour and a half. I was hanging just outside the main peak waiting for the occasional lefts that would line up. Even though I was pretty far outside hanging out with the longboarders, the waves had enough push I could get into them pretty early and get a few mushy turns in before they jacked up on the inside for a short steep fun section.

Once the tide started to fill in the waves backed off and lost shape pretty quickly. Still some fun waves to be had on the inside, but not as consistent. After about a 30min lull in waves I decided to call it quits and head in. Drex and Trav followed.

Ended up running into Isac and passed Clem's car on the way out of the parking lot. He must have arrived and went in right as we were getting out. I can't imagine the waves got any better for him. That's what he get for sleeping in on a summer day. I imagine we'll start heading out on Friday nights again.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Teahupoo Billabong Pro

Check it - Teahupoo Billabong Pro

First day of the event and my FantasySurfer team is doing ok in the warm waters of Tahiti.

Slater -1
Parko -1
Fanning -1
Flores -1
Kling -1
Dunn -3
Kerr -3
Otten -hasn't surfed yet

These results don't really mean shit since it's only the first round and no real points awarded yet.


2 nights and 2 really good shows.

First night was LCD SoundSystem. A huge surprise for us when we received a call from a friend who working the door at a sold out show. We had only planned on meeting a few friends for drinks before they went to the show, but ended up getting into the show. Funny thing is I was really stoked on the group coming to town, but totally spaced on getting tickets. They put on a really fun show although, they tend to be a little on the hippy jam band thing. Some songs just seemed to drag on. Jackie and I both got pretty drunk and had a good time. Shared a cab ride home with Steven, Leigh, and Kelly O.

Second night was !!!(chk chk chk). Almost didn't make it to this one. Jackie was still a little worn out from the night before and I had a long day at work. I've been a fan of their music and had heard good things about the live show so I was ok with going alone. I figured I would run into a few people there. !!! I guess you could classify them as having a balearic sound - kinda funky jam band mixed with dance, Think of the Happy Mondays. It's made up of 8 guys taking turns playing different instruments and one backup singer. Their sound was kinda rough, but it was one of the wilder, as in hands-in-the-air, shows I've been to at Neumoe's. Thank god I didn't stay at home to watch the final episode of E.R.-PUKE!