Friday, January 25, 2013

Winter Break - Mal Pais, Costa Rica- Part Dos

Calling this home for the week - Hotel The Place
Sunline Canopy Zip Tours - Montazuma, CR.
Courtenay's warm up dive at the waterfall in Montazuma
From the top of the canopy - Montazuma, CR.
Coco to cool off

Me taking my coco way to seriously
Our ride back to Mal Pais
We're staying at the not so Eco Lodge. 
Because of the lack of swell, and it being a left, I guess it's ok to share the good ones with a friend - Suck Rock, Santa Teresa

Another Playa Hermosa sunset

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Winter Break - Mal Pais, Costa Rica

On this trip I made a brief switch from Vodka and Soda. 

Beers and beach campfires.

Courtenay roasting marsh mellows on the beach. 

All the beaches begin to look the same -  Hermosa Beach

Shortcut on Manzanillo Beach.

Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach sunset.

Santa Teresa 

Santa Teresa

Cabuya Island
Cabuya Island tombstone.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sydney Weekend Update - Part II

Sometimes waves pop up in the strangest places.
There it is again. I knew I wasn't seeing things. 
I was having a good time until I noticed all these stickered up boards hogging the waves.
Insert "Bottom turn" joke HERE.
Jim Beam Team Challange - Geringong, NSW
Dude named Otis on a strange looking board.

Seven Mile Beach- Not sure why it's called Seven MILE beach in a country that measures everything in Kilometers.
Plenty of peaks for everyone if you're willing to make the walk.
Another view from "Hill 60".
Not much action at the blow hole today.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sydney Weekend Update

Cronulla Beach - First light and about 200 of your closest friends already beat you out to the lineup. 
This beauty would occasionaly pop up out of nowhere.
Lots of fancy belly rides happening, but no one brave enough to make it to their feet.
A booger deep and enjoying the view from below sea level.
Cronulla cliffs.
Why paddle when you can walk.
The Rock on a 2ft wind swell- Shell Harbour, NSW
Just another reef south of Sydney
I remember what it was like to just barely get to my feet like it was yesterday... actually it was just yesterday.
Taken from high atop Hill 60.  By the time I made it down it was breaking in about a foot of water.
Cabbage Tree Bay - Manly Beach, NSW
Good Night