Monday, April 23, 2007

Telus Weekend

For the past few years we've made it a point to spend Whistler's final few days of the season with thousands of other snowboarders/skiers that seem to more interested in drinking than the marginal snow conditions. This year was no different than the others - long lines at all the bars in town, too many drinks, and not enough sleep the night before a day of riding.

We ended up staying with Molly who at the last minute had some extra room at her house. It was nice to have a bed in our own room instead of trying to find enough space on the floor to pass out on. This time I knew exactly where to pass out ;)

We ran into a bunch of friends, a few we really didn't expect to see, which was actually a good thing. Even though our friends didn't ride with us we spent plenty of time getting food and drinks. They were even kind enough to hook us up with a few drinks and lift tickets!

The riding was pretty much what I expected- nice up top, crusty 3/4 the way up, and slushy 1/2 way down. The best thing I can say is that it was fast, which under most circumstances would be awesome, but I guess I had a little too much fun the night before. We only lasted a few hours and were back in the bar by early afternoon.

Sunday we opted out of riding and decided to head up North to Pemberton - only about 30 minutes past Whistler. We found a place that served up a kick-ass breakfast. Other than the tasty bread and perfectly cooked bacon, the best thing about it was the wait for a table - there was none. Breakfast was about the only thing the small town had to offer us.

After dropping our friend back in Whistler we decided we might as well hit the road. We figured the traffic was going to suck no matter what time we left. On the ride back Jackie spotted a black bear not 25 feet from the side of the highway. I took a couple of blurry pics.

Even though we didn't get to ride that much I had a really good time.

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