Friday, July 25, 2008

Block Party Weekend

Plenty of action on the hill this weekend so I would avoid Pike st. between 10th and 14th unless you have a ticket to the Capital Hill Block Party. Chances are you'll find me there at least one of the days even though I'm not a huge fan of festival style events. Jackie has arranged entry for us so I have the option of going to both days, or to go surf, without feeling the guilt of paying for tickets and not getting my $ worth. She'll be surprised if I go both days. The lineup seems pretty solid and I would hate to pass up on the opportunity to watch my friends get stumbling drunk before being thrown out. Why would I want to stay home when I can rub elbows with sweaty strangers and pay $6 for a can of beer?

Spent some time with friends arranging a hiking/camping trip on the coast for next weekend. I'm pretty stoked to go back and check Yellow Banks if the waves work out. I've also scored some new camping gear recently and now ready to put it to use.

Took a few pics in my friends shaping room while I was visiting.

Keep an eye out for GreenLine Surfboards. It seems to be taking off for him. There's always new orders being worked on when I visit.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Float On!

Reports are coming in that the surf was really fun on Sunday and kinda it's lame that I missed it seeing the waves have just not materialized for me this summer. I've heard from more than a few friends how good it ended up being and how everyone is totally surfed out...blah blah blah. I kinda get the feeling they're trying to rub it in and I let `em go on about for a few minutes before knocking the smirk off their face with my response to "what did you end up doing this weekend if you weren't surfing?".

"Oh, what did I do? Not much other than turn my full head of hair into a pimpin' mullet, rocked the cut-off jean shorts, drink way too much beer and Yuka, float down a river with about 30+ other drunk fools dressed like Rednecks, and hang out on a sandbar with a bunch of topless ladies."

Ki Kopkau, Icicle Creek, WashingotnSelf Portrait above Icicle Creek

We spent the weekend celebrating my ladies birthday by camping along Icicle Creek, and attending the 6th annual "Redneck Riverfloat" along the banks of the mighty Wenatchee River. The weather turned out perfect, the river was warm, and the beer was cold, what more could I ask for?

Icicle Creek, Washington, Levenworth, Wenatchee RiverIcicle Creek - Night time long exposure

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vacations Over

It's time to get back to bloggin'. I fell off the wagon there for awhile and didn't have the motivation to write about anything I guess. It's not that my life became some mundane existence by any means, but bloggin' just didn't seem to fit in. I promise I won't ever take that long of a break again...until maybe next month.

I guess I'll start off pretty simple and toss up a few pics from the last couple of months-

Jamie O'Brian, North Shore, Ki Kopkau Photograpy

Jamie O'Brian - Pipeline

Veiw of Pipeline from our backporch

See the rest of the North Shore vacation pics here

A couple of action shots from the last few months-

JR Cole, Ki Kopkau photography, snowboarding
JR Cole Kings Cliff

Jeff Snowden, Downhill bike, ki kopkau photography
Jeff Snowden - Old 27

Scott Matual, Ki Kopkau photography
Scott Matual