Sunday, March 29, 2009


Headed out Thursday with Trav to beat the weekend crowd and because I had a party to attend up at Steven's Pass for Mike T's engagement. We made it out to the coast in time for an afternoon session sharing glassy waist high waves with 3 other guys. Outgoing tide eventually put a squash on the waves so we paddled around the point to 2nd beach. Not much action over there either. It was a long paddle back, but good exercise.

Pulled up to the market shortly after sunset and we were asked about the surf by some stranger. Turns out he's working on the Crowley tug stationed in the harbor. I dropped Brock's name and sure enough they knew each other. He invited us back to the tug for a tour of the boat and a cup of coffee. Never being on a tug boat before we were stoked to check it out, but decided to stick with cans of Ranier instead of the mud brewing in the galley. It was pretty much what I expected- a big ass boat equipped with huge engines and a set of chains big enough to drag any ship. Everyone aboard was pretty friendly didn't seem to mind us snooping around.

One to many I guess

Next morning was pretty crappy out- tide was really low and fog was thick. We checked a few spots, but ended up going back to where we surfed the afternoon before. This time we decided to hike our gear down instead of putting on our wet suits up top. I went with my dry backup suit and ended up forgetting my hood and leash in my other bag. When we got down to the beach the surf was smaller then Thursday, but the tide was just starting to come in. Within 20 minutes signs of swell were starting to show. Trav was a little preoccupied with getting a fire started, I was in my suit and headed out to take advantage of an empty lineup and glassy conditions before he even noticed the sets starting to roll in. By the time he made it out the surf had already gone from knee high curlers to easily head high walls. A few overhead sets came through and I realized I had no business being out there without a leash, but I wasn't about to go back all the way to the parking lot while the surf was as good as it was. Not long after that the wind became on shore and seemed to knock the surf down quite a bit. On our way out a few other guys were just showing up and asked how the surf was. I wanted to tell them they just missed out on some amazing waves, but I didn't want to ruin their session.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


pussy, sex, fuck, crap, shit, puke, britney spears, son
One of the loyal followers suggested a few keywords I should try to increase traffic, or at least I think that's what he was suggesting- "pussy, sex, fuck, crap, shit, puke, britney spears, son". Not sure how "son" fits in, but I'll give it a try anyways. Thanks 'slamdance69bro'! I've added it to the pic of the super secret spot above and will allow my readers to track the results here.

A funny thing about that pic above is that if you look close enough you'll notice a few things wrong with it. I'm pretty sure I posted it a few weeks back. It was a picture I photoshoped to try and fool a few friends into thinking I scored when we had actually got skunked. Looks pretty rad for it being a ankle high wave huh?

Traffic Update- 47 unique visitors yesterday.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Reaching New Audiences

I want to thank everyone who voiced concern about an unnamed spot and unnamed location. Because of your efforts traffic on my site reached an all time high of 30 visits in a single day! Usually I can account for who's stopping by to take a look - my wife, my mom, the A-man, an old co-worker, but now I have a whole new audience to entertain.

Maybe it's time to start filling out the 'Alt' tag in on my pics so you can Google `em. What keywords would bring more people here- 'washington surfing', washington surf breaks', or maybe 'WA surf spots'? And what do you guys think would look better- banner ads on the right or at the top?

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring is here

A really long day of driving, for a relatively short surf session. Actually I didn't drive, but I did have to sit in the 'extended' portion of an 'extended cab' truck. Needless to say there was not much 'extending' going on. If it wasn't for all the Miller Highlifes I think my knees would have been permanently frozen into a 65° angle by the end of the 16 hour day. All said and done it was totally worth it- surf was pretty good, weather was amazing, and staff at Arby's was very friendly. I couldn't have asked for any better conditions on the second day of Spring.

My wetsuit still remains pee-free.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I was there!

I ran across this pic the other day in a Stab Magazine photo expose of North Shore surfer girls. Naturally you think I'm a perv for posting this, but to be honest with you it wasn't the smokin' hot naked chicks that caught my was the Hunter Green walls, the wood headboard, and the sliding door leading out to the backyard, that made me look at this pic approx. 50 times. Why such an attention to detail you ask? Well, because I just so have happened to sleep in that very same bed. How can I be so sure? I'm sure there are a millions of room decorated like that, but the other pics confirmed my suspicions- these were taken at the Blue Wave House on the North Shore, the very same house we stayed in last year.

You'd think that this bed was blessed by the Gods and naked chicks are always draped across it's satin sheets, but it wasn't the case when I was there. The only action I saw was Tipp's fighter pilot buddy who walked around the house naked and then decided to pass out in my bed. I slept on a beach chair for the rest of the trip.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pee Free- Day 3

The last 2 surf sessions have been huge confidence boosters. Not even the fridged waters of the mighty Elwah River, nor the below average temps at the Cove can make this surfer pee in his new wet suit. I can do this! 

Cresant Beach, Washington surfing, Wa Surf, surf in the Straits
And to think some guy was concerned enough to ask me about my picture taking because he thought I may be leaking pics on to the interweb and exposing this spot.

Sunday I found myself groveling in ice cold water for a long point break wave that just never materialized like we expected. I wouldn't call the overnight trip a total failure though, I did get to stop in my favorite PA eatery (mainly because of the cute chicks working there) for Prime Rib Dip, and a few Mac and Jacks.

the cove, Westport, Washington surf, surfing
Unknown- Puttin' up with the cold water

Today at the Cove was much colder than normal, but the quality of the surf motivated me to hang in the water until every last appendage was numb or the outgoing tide kicks in and squashes the swell. Luckily the tide started to head out leaving me with enough dexterity in my finger tips to get out of my wetsuit. Right before I stepped into the water I felt some pressure building in my bladder and I was convinced this day would be the end of the Pee Free Wetsuit Project. I think the water was almost so cold it stopped me from being able to relieve myself.  Is that possible?

All my friends tell me the snow was amazing again. 

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Modern Surf Classic

I think I got to this one first! I haven't seen any other blogs pimpin' this shit yet- Curl Girls. Even though there's only been 4 episodes it's already my new favorite show. It the classic tale of 6 loveable californian ladies drawn together by two things- waves and pussy. That's right lesbian surfers competing for a trip to Hawaii and a new surfboard, and you can guess what kind of shenanigans go down when you force these ladies to compete for not only waves, but the love of each other. 

Here's a little about the show from the creators- 
Hit the waves with the Curl Girls: Gingi, Michele, Melissa, Erin, Vanessa, and Jessica. Lovers and friends, these six hot, young women navigate the ups and downs of their love lives and careers while spending every free moment in the waves of the Pacific. By entering a competition against each other to win a trip to Hawaii and new surfboards, the ladies find connections that go above and beyond their unified love of surfing and the water. Through tensions and reconciliations, bonds form and each unique personality shines. Which surfer has what it takes to come out on top? Follow the girls in the water, on the sand and across the city to find out. 

Venice Beach surf check requires Teminator sytle binocs and note pad. 

Even though I'm mainly into for the top-notch surfing, the first episode provides soooo much more- high speed surf collissions, lessons in surf etiquitte, break ups, make-ups, competitions, and boozing around the bonfire. 

It looks like Erin is tired of modern surf craft and is looking for more of a challenge by riding a classic twin fish.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pee Free

I'm going to go ahead and throw something out here- I do not pee in my wetsuit

Ok, I maybe I'm stretching the truth a little. It's more like- I do not pee in my current wetsuit. My current wetsuit, being brand new, or at least new to me, is the XCEL Infiniti 4/3 Drylock System.  Seeing the suit acts similar to a dry suit, it no longer allows for such guilty pleasures as stewing in your own urine in order to warm your core on a cold day...unless you want to pretend your a catheter bag. A cold core was the least of my worries because of "The Thermobarrier" lined front and back pannels running the entire torso and thighs. today I even flushed my suit on more than one occassion when I realized that I was breaking a sweat. 

Surfed the Cove with JR today. Waves were smaller than expected. In typical Cove fashion when the waves did come through the session lasted for a very short time.  We didn't even have time to put our suits on before I noticed the sets had fizzled out.  At least someone squeezed into a few waves. See Below: 

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Surf Porn

Supposedly they can surf. Plenty of pics of them carrying boards around, but not much action, and not a single video to be found. I'm pretty sure I would sell my soul to the devil to be the Partridge twins board caddy. 

When googling the twin's site I came across the Roxy Flickr page- I can just imagine what someone was thinking when they wrote the caption for this photo

Cancelled Plans

A 5AM wake up call, packed the car, brewed some coffee, and a few text messages later I was back in bed. Surf trip to Neah Bay postponed due to extended coastal wind advisory. I think it was a good call. Would have a been a really long day to get skunked. This will give me a chance to work on repairing my quad.

WCT is back on- Quiksilver Pro. Seems to be an interesting start to the year- both Irons brothers off the tour and Bruce trying to become an ASP judge, Bobby Martinez surfing without a major sponsor, and Kelly winning his first heat on a self-shaped 5'4" quad. Hopefully all the excitement will make it a closer race than last year. I'm a Slater supporter, being from Florida and all, but I'd be down to see someone give him a run for the money. My bets on Bede Durbidge, maybe Jeremy Flores. Seems like they got their shit together and not jaded by the Slater domination. I also like Adriano De Souza, but don't want to think what will happen to the line-ups around the world if a Brazilian actually wins.

Unknown - Jetty

Scored some decent surf at the Jetty on Friday, but nothing compared to last Thursday. I'm afraid it will be a long time before I see the Jetty that good again.