Monday, October 29, 2007

Defying death

big 4 ice caves
So on this weeks surf adventure I dodged a bullet...literally. I guess Drex had a little too much of the sauce and turned his new BB gun on everyone staying in Clem's cabin out at LaPush. There wasn't much surfing happening, but sounds like plenty of other excitement. Unfortunately I missed out on all the fun. Jackie was pretty sick and I decided to stay home with her...which earned me another 'get out of jail free pass' next time we have some lame engagement with friends or family.

Saturday night Jackie was doing better so I had the opportunity to make it out for the Sweezy's birthday party - good times. Drex ended up shooting me in the hand. Got pretty drunk and slept through my chance at getting in the water this weekend.

big 4 ice caves
On Sunday D and I went on hike to the Big 4 Ice caves out past Granite Falls. Not too tough of a hike. The cave was alot bigger than I imagined, more like a cavern. Signs posted outside said it was dangerous, but of course we didn't pay attention. We made it as far as you could go to the back of the cave so I could try and snap off a few pics of the water fall...that's when we heard what sounded like a plane flying over, but just kept getting louder and louder. I bet the ground started to shake too, but I was too busy sprinting towards the entrance to notice. I have no idea how I ran that fast through over boulders without breaking my ankles. I can't remember the last time my hands were actually shaking from being so scared. A few people outside the cave said the slide echoed around the basin, but they could see what happened.

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