Tuesday, October 2, 2007

France Recap

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Here's the short and sweet about France.

Destinations in order of travel:

-Paris (Big city you may have heard of)
-Biarritz (surf town)
-Carcassonne (Castle city)
-Avignon (Old home of Pope)
-Vaison La Romain (Cote de Rhone, Roman ruins)
-back to Paris

Why France is awesome in no specific order:

-New Surf spots (new for me)
-Transportation system
-Beautiful women (...and the topless beaches they frequent;))
-MTV Europe (in German)
-Mountains and ocean
-Emphasis on relaxing meals
-I guess the wine is good too

Why France should join the Axis of Evil:

-Even the guys will judge you by the shoes you wear
-The Euro (dollar at all time low against Euro)
-Shorty wetsuits and man-kinis
-Biarritz hosting the WCT and me having to surf around the Top 44 (I can't compete with them catching waves so I chose to surf off main peaks. I guess this was good and bad)
-City layouts and poorly marked streets that will make any map useless
-Infatuation with motocross motorcycles and making scooters sound like them
-Even decent hotels have crappy mattresses

Final impressions:

I really enjoyed the country, culture, and people. I guess they have a pretty good head start on the US when it comes to alot of things, but I hope we eventually adapt to a similar way of life and approach to society. Most importantly was the variety of surf spots, quality of waves, and overall friendly surfers I ran into.

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Anonymous said...

What a nice way to sum up your trip - I really enjoyed that.
Yep, France has got a lot of things going for it. Makes a Dane in NZ homesick for Euroland...
Glad you got to see the good sides of life there.