Monday, October 1, 2007

Home Again

Sooes Sunset

Last week I couldn't seem to get myself out of vacation mode and this week I can't even remember where the hell it was we went. I'm pretty sure it was France, but who cares now that there's a pumping NW swell? After looking and the forecast for this week I'm just trying to figure out if I still have enough vacation time saved up, or some pretty good sick day excuses.

Kev and I went all the way out to Sooes yesterday where we scored some decent surf. It took me a few minutes to get used to the 5/4/3, but water was pretty cold so I was happy to have it on. It was good to be back on my board although it was nice having an extra 2' in the nose on the 6'4" NSP Fish I rented for the week in France.

Sooes Surfers

We surfed for about 2 hours and then headed back towards PA. Our plan was to camp out and surf in the morning. We thought the NW swell would have been pumping down the Straits by dawn and we could get an early morning surf before catching an early ferry back to Seattle.

Camping turned out to be a bad decision - surf was nonexistent when we woke up. I guess we deserve that for trying to calculate, or predict, surf in the Straits. Looking at the buoys now I'm sure it would have been good if we waited a few more hours. Too bad I had some work that really needed to get done today. I'll save the day off for Wednesday or Thursday.

Here's some of the France pics too.

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