Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Hobuck, neah bay, nwsurf, nwsurfing
My best waves always seem to be effortless. One or two strokes, bottom turn that puts you in the perfect spot...the spot I would have least expected to be on day like Tuesday. Spent plenty of time trying to get there, but the offshore seemed to actually be working against us, and getting into `em was much tougher than it looked from the beach. 2nd session was a whole lot less work in marginal conditions, but just as rewarding as the first because the number of waves.

Hobuck, neah bay, nwsurf, nwsurfing
I would have stayed out there another night, but Travis had to be back, and I'm sure my bosses would not be happy. I may not have to worry about what my bosses think for much longer...3.5 hour interview today went really well. Jackie's still in Chicago.

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