Monday, November 5, 2007

Day to remember

Saturday we surfed until I was to tired to run back up the point to catch another wave...and then went back in for anther round. Twisted my ankle running over the rocks, but luckily the cold water kept it numb. Waves were good enough I would have gnawed it off if I thought it would slow me down. Surprisingly empty lineup...I'm sure it was good everywhere else too. No pics from the day.

Clem brought his friend from Oahu to show us how to surf. He wasted no time in instructing us how to snap vertically under the lip and blast the tops of waves off. He was having so much fun he even talked about buying his own wetsuit. We played it off like the surf was always that good...he's in for a surprise.

Leigh gave me an old camera the other day - Konica AutoReflx TC. Pretty much a manual SLR with crappy light meter, but still takes nice pics. I shot a roll through it this weekend and should get the results today. I doubt it will replace the Holga as my favorite film camera, but still fun to shot.

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Chris said...

I surfed the wedge on saturday morning and crescent in the afternoon.

Saturday was a classic Straits day to remember. Really fun. Your right too the crowds were really spread out across the straits.