Friday, October 12, 2007


Thursady morning - Lake Washington

Quick rundown of the week...

Craig Kelly documentary with a crew of doods. Otter buys a taser as a present for Drex, but doesn't plan on wrapping it up for him. Taser in my friends hands is bad idea. We all get shocked.

Work was slow and lame this week. Wanted to take a day to surf, but didn't happen. 'Worked' from home today. Real productive ;)

Surfing the next 2 days. Not sure where yet. I'm just a passenger this weekend. Sounds like Drex wants to try OS. I think Neah Bay area would be a better bet since we already have a crew meeting at La Push for a friends birthday. I'm sure we'll find decent surf anyways.

Anyone want to buy my bike?


J said...

my bro is looking for a bike. how much you selling it for?

ki said...


It's a 2003 VFR800 (non-ABS) with 7K miles. It's never been down and never raced. It's got an after market wind shield and Stay-in-Tune chrome pipes.

Let me know if he's serious.