Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pee Free

I'm going to go ahead and throw something out here- I do not pee in my wetsuit

Ok, I maybe I'm stretching the truth a little. It's more like- I do not pee in my current wetsuit. My current wetsuit, being brand new, or at least new to me, is the XCEL Infiniti 4/3 Drylock System.  Seeing the suit acts similar to a dry suit, it no longer allows for such guilty pleasures as stewing in your own urine in order to warm your core on a cold day...unless you want to pretend your a catheter bag. A cold core was the least of my worries because of "The Thermobarrier" lined front and back pannels running the entire torso and thighs. today I even flushed my suit on more than one occassion when I realized that I was breaking a sweat. 

Surfed the Cove with JR today. Waves were smaller than expected. In typical Cove fashion when the waves did come through the session lasted for a very short time.  We didn't even have time to put our suits on before I noticed the sets had fizzled out.  At least someone squeezed into a few waves. See Below: 


drexnefex said...

i had a catheter in high school once.

i also had a girlfriend that would give me boners all the time.

boners and catheters do not mix.

alex said...

that pic is insane.