Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pee Free- Day 3

The last 2 surf sessions have been huge confidence boosters. Not even the fridged waters of the mighty Elwah River, nor the below average temps at the Cove can make this surfer pee in his new wet suit. I can do this! 

Cresant Beach, Washington surfing, Wa Surf, surf in the Straits
And to think some guy was concerned enough to ask me about my picture taking because he thought I may be leaking pics on to the interweb and exposing this spot.

Sunday I found myself groveling in ice cold water for a long point break wave that just never materialized like we expected. I wouldn't call the overnight trip a total failure though, I did get to stop in my favorite PA eatery (mainly because of the cute chicks working there) for Prime Rib Dip, and a few Mac and Jacks.

the cove, Westport, Washington surf, surfing
Unknown- Puttin' up with the cold water

Today at the Cove was much colder than normal, but the quality of the surf motivated me to hang in the water until every last appendage was numb or the outgoing tide kicks in and squashes the swell. Luckily the tide started to head out leaving me with enough dexterity in my finger tips to get out of my wetsuit. Right before I stepped into the water I felt some pressure building in my bladder and I was convinced this day would be the end of the Pee Free Wetsuit Project. I think the water was almost so cold it stopped me from being able to relieve myself.  Is that possible?

All my friends tell me the snow was amazing again. 


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i say we start a bet.
how many sessions till pee.