Thursday, March 19, 2009

I was there!

I ran across this pic the other day in a Stab Magazine photo expose of North Shore surfer girls. Naturally you think I'm a perv for posting this, but to be honest with you it wasn't the smokin' hot naked chicks that caught my was the Hunter Green walls, the wood headboard, and the sliding door leading out to the backyard, that made me look at this pic approx. 50 times. Why such an attention to detail you ask? Well, because I just so have happened to sleep in that very same bed. How can I be so sure? I'm sure there are a millions of room decorated like that, but the other pics confirmed my suspicions- these were taken at the Blue Wave House on the North Shore, the very same house we stayed in last year.

You'd think that this bed was blessed by the Gods and naked chicks are always draped across it's satin sheets, but it wasn't the case when I was there. The only action I saw was Tipp's fighter pilot buddy who walked around the house naked and then decided to pass out in my bed. I slept on a beach chair for the rest of the trip.


a-man said...

Hey I've looked at these a few times.

That's all.

Great job on arriving late/early.

I ARRIVED EARLY due to these fotos.

but um yeah I'm seeing this.


a. said...

hey just checking back in.

don't want to lie to anybody...