Thursday, March 5, 2009

Modern Surf Classic

I think I got to this one first! I haven't seen any other blogs pimpin' this shit yet- Curl Girls. Even though there's only been 4 episodes it's already my new favorite show. It the classic tale of 6 loveable californian ladies drawn together by two things- waves and pussy. That's right lesbian surfers competing for a trip to Hawaii and a new surfboard, and you can guess what kind of shenanigans go down when you force these ladies to compete for not only waves, but the love of each other. 

Here's a little about the show from the creators- 
Hit the waves with the Curl Girls: Gingi, Michele, Melissa, Erin, Vanessa, and Jessica. Lovers and friends, these six hot, young women navigate the ups and downs of their love lives and careers while spending every free moment in the waves of the Pacific. By entering a competition against each other to win a trip to Hawaii and new surfboards, the ladies find connections that go above and beyond their unified love of surfing and the water. Through tensions and reconciliations, bonds form and each unique personality shines. Which surfer has what it takes to come out on top? Follow the girls in the water, on the sand and across the city to find out. 

Venice Beach surf check requires Teminator sytle binocs and note pad. 

Even though I'm mainly into for the top-notch surfing, the first episode provides soooo much more- high speed surf collissions, lessons in surf etiquitte, break ups, make-ups, competitions, and boozing around the bonfire. 

It looks like Erin is tired of modern surf craft and is looking for more of a challenge by riding a classic twin fish.

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