Thursday, December 20, 2007

Home at last

Florida surfing, Gulf coast surfing
A week of perfect Florida weather...paying for it now...back to the rain, wind, and cold. Also back to the 16" of fresh up in the pass, surf on the coast, my own bed, and Jackie.

I was wrong...actually some surf back home while I was there- see here. Should have kept that board at my Mom's house. Actually tried to rent one for the day, but all the shop had was 9ft soft tops...rather sit it out and take a few pics. Local surf shop dood actually questioned if there was "surf up there?" when I told him I live in WA. I mentioned to him the rumors of guys surfing along the 200 miles of Pacific coastline, but most the surfing was done in wave pools.

Florida surfing, Gulf coast surfing
Unfortunately no surfing, but actually took up some sea kayaking while I was there. Mom's into it for the exercise and dragged me along. Had a really good time, and workout, cruising the intercoastal waterways. Lots of fun, but strictly flat water activity for me.

Looking forward to getting up to the pass in the next few days. Check the weather at Drex's site before you go up - weather for bro's.


J said...

nice. sure its the biggest body of water in the world, but really there isnt much surf to be had.

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