Friday, December 7, 2007

Destination - North Shore

North Shore...Here I come!!! I have 5 days to make a name for myself at what is considered surfings ultimate proving grounds and leave a lasting impression on the surf elite who dedicate a lifetime to the 7 mile stretch of sand. Some where in those 5 days I'm also going to have to find time to squeeze in some hooker ass slappin' and cheap beer drinkin' to celebrate the last days of Clem's bachelorhood.

The North Shore is not really high up there on my list of surf trip's really outa my league. Thankfully I'll be there with a couple of guys who either live there, or grew up there, to show us some aloha. It's also going to be in March- tail end of the surfing season when the pro circus has long been cleared out.

I've already started my training regiment of running with small boulders on the bottom of the local YMCA pool. oAnd here is the rest of it.

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