Sunday, December 2, 2007


Can't say the surf was anywhere near spectacular on Saturday, it was freakin' cold, and the drive home through the snow extends my streak of crappy surf sessions. Recently is seems like I've been a day, even hours, late for classic fall surf. All I need is one good day and the past few weeks will be forgotten.

Saturday night went to check out the DOC movie premier put together by the guys at OneShotProductions. This one would have totally fallen off the radar if it wasn't for Drex, Clem, and JR, having a bunch of footage in it. I guess it's these guys 3 or 4th movie. I've seen one other flick and I can safely say the production is really getting better. It's awesome to see some older dudes putting this much effort into a project that doesn't involve any hotshit pro riders.

After an exhausting day of surf tripin', napping, and snowbro movie, the only way I could imagine finishing it off was by consuming massive amounts of jager, cheap tequelia, and Mickey's Big Mouths. I now own 1/2 of a pair of gloves. Let me know if you find the missing one - a righthand black XL Burton fleece glove.

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drexnefex said...

a crazy girl stole your glove. a crazy girl stole my hat. i blame booze.