Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Bukit

The Bukit is where I need to be. Canggu is great and all, but the Bukit is what I came here to surf. I think I may find a cheap place out there for a week when the house clears out again. some Zumies guys are coming in today so I'll see if I still want to hang out.

Yesterday I surfed Bulongan beach and Padang Padang. Padang was nothing like the usual pictures you see in the mags. It was about knee high, but kept me entertained for a few hours in the afternoon. Bulongan was also pretty small- about shoulder high and the waves ending up in knee deep water a few feet from dry reef. Even at shoulder high it was barreling enough for me to squeeze into a couple tubes, but rarely have enough speed to make it out. Scratched my shin up pretty good on the reef.

Canggu was fun this AM. Surfed the main reef until the tide made it too shallow. I've been riding a 6'1" Stretch Quad the last few days and loving it.

Heading to check out some temples today, and doing my best to stay out of the sun.


drexnefex said...

welcome to the team.

you holdin out pics or what?

watch out for monkeys. they guard the temples.

a-man said...

it was open mic night tonight at the hopvine. as i walked by for a sixer of miller (camo can), I had to walk through a giant cloud of smoke and aural bombardment from some citizen can't cope wannabe shouldadied motherfucker... stay in bali holmz!