Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bali Update

A few more days without new swell. Still plenty of waves at Canggu reef in the morning and evening sessions. Eric had some words with a few tourist surfers in the water the other afternoon. Only a few dudes in the water and these guys were paddling around the locals and then blowing waves most the time. Eric was pretty polite and told them to show some respect for the locals. The next day he gets a call from DCP who was in Canggu with Terje and Mads Johnson, they want to do some sort of interview with him for a show they are working on. After some chatting DCP mentions they were surfing Canggu last night. So Eric pretty was giving them shit, for good reasons, and now he's supposed to do an interview with them.

Zumies dudes are in the house now too. Two shop workers won a contest for selling the most Spacecraft stuff. One guy is 22 and asked me what my favorite Indie band is. He talks alot.

Going back to the Bukit this afternoon after I see the faith healer- Pak Sirkus. I guess he's world famous as a healer. Not sure what I need him to fix since I'm pretty near perfect.


drexnefex said...

have him fix your poor indie band music taste.

that's rad, calling dcp and mj off waves.

a-man said...

notice drex doesn't mention Terje...

WTF blud???

If you're at a loss for shit to heal, IM me and I'll hold my wallet up to my laptop holmz...HIYOOOO!!!

no srsly tho regulating on Haakon is like wot

J said...

those zumies dudes surf?

J said...

those zumies dudes surf?