Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Selling Out - That's ME!

Today I logged onto my Smugmug site to upload the weekend pics I noticed someone left a comment. I was expecting the usual kind words from Mom or maybe some random person telling me I have a nice camera (uh...thanks), but to my surprise this month's comment (yes, I only have 33 comments total after like 4 years) was one telling me "...don't be a sell out". Yeah, someone had the balls to offer me advice on posting pics of "WA spots...that have been kept secret over 30 years". ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? Some schmuck navigated to ki.smugmug.com (a hugely popular site on the interweb ;) ) and then went through 2 levels of categories to find the 10th gallery containing a picture of a secret surf spot, eventhough this picture is not named anything. Yeah, it's a secret surf spot...it's a secret unless you found directions to it IN FUCKING SURFER MAGAZINE a few years back.

I'll let you guys in on something- ki.smugmug.com is my personal repository for EVERY PICTURE I TAKE. That's right, all of them, secret surf spots included. And what do I usually do with those pics? NOTHING! 75% of them sit there for my personal appreciation. Occasionally they get posted on my blog, on friends blogs, some emails get sent out to friends with links to `em...that's about it. I can even monitor the traffic to individual galleries, and I'll tell you the number of hits is not impressive. So to say I'm selling out is a joke. To even imply I'm undermining the integrity of WA surfing is a joke. Chances are this schmuck sent all his friends links to my site to bitch about me exposing some secret...increasing my sites traffic to 5 visitors a day. OOHHH!

Haha! I can't believe I'm even writing this post like an open letter to the internet.
Like anyone really cares. I feel like some retard talking to themselves when I write this shit.


J said...

i've always enjoyed your pics of surf in wa, especially the ones of my favorite break. Keep up the good photography.

alex said...

talking to yourself on the internet isn't so bad...I've been doing it for years...