Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Birthday Bashin'

I brought my new Canon G9 along this weekend to help document what turned out to be an extremely successful camp trip on the coast. I'm really stoked on the image quality of low ISO settings and manual functionality. It's defiantly going to lighten my load of camera gear on short trips and day hikes.

The first night we had to put up with a little rain, but the weather cleared up and remained sunny for the next 3 days. The friends who arrived a few days before us, and scored our camping spot, weren't so lucky. They ended up leaving early and took my tent with them, I resorted to sleep under the stars for the rest of the weekend.

North Star - Taken with the 5D

Surf also panned out for us. For 2 days straight we had the Dump to ourselves. What the wave lacked of in size it made up for in it's fun factor - clean and consistent. Somehow even in the 'fun sized' surf I managed to leave with a few chunks missing from my board, and knuckles, because of the shallow reef.

The rest of the pics can be seen here, and a more detailed blog about the trip here.

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