Friday, September 26, 2008

The Axe Falls

All good things come to an end. Yesterday I received an unexpected early morning call from my CTO. He explained there was no rush to come in the office because once I got there I would handed my walking papers. At the same time he offered advice on who I should call if I wanted to find some immediate contract work. It sounds kinda harsh, but if you knew the guy you'd understand it was his way of trying to do me a favor. I found out later that day he, along with our 2 senior developers, were asked to leave by the board of directors. Down goes the ship.

Surprisingly I'm fine with all of this. I was given a decent severance package and already been asked if I want to do the same job somewhere else. I think I'm going to think it over for a while, but not too long seeing how shitty the economy is. At least a small surf trip is in my future.

Yesterday I did my best to milk the situation with a couple of my friends- breakfast, dinner, cream cheese hot dog, and free drinks all night. I need to hang out with a different crew tonight to see how long I can keep the pitty party going. Maybe keep it going through the weekend.

Heading to D and Lara's tonight to watch a couple of master debaters. I hoping it will go down something like this.


J said...

not a bad time to plan a Washington outing...

drexnefex said...

you no job havin' worthless piece of shizzle.



i hate you.