Sunday, September 2, 2007

Great Expectations

I've been watching the surf forecast all week just waiting for Sunday's report to drop to typical summer numbers, but this time it didn't. When Saturday rolled around the buoys were already starting to show signs of a much needed bump in the waves - 3.5ft @ 16 seconds from the SouthWest. I'd also heard from a friend, who lives in Westport, that Saturday afternoon was really fun. It's not that I needed the extra bit of encouragement, because we were already planning on surfing, but it was enough to motivate me to get up extra early.

Clem and I showed up a little before sunrise. Definitely not what I was expecting from the forecast. Wind was already chopping up the surf. We knew it was going cause problems today, but we at least expected it to be calm that early in the morning.

It didn't stop us from having a good time. There were some fun sets that rolled through and a few even lined up for decent length rides. The session lasted for about 2 or 3 hours, got out just before the hordes of foam tops went in.

Clem on the inside

We had chicken strips, onion rings, and Busch Tall Boy's at the Pine. Clem barely beat me at Shuffle Board. We checked the surf once more before hitting the road. Made a stop to look at a new truck for me, and another for ice cream @ Diary Queen.

1 week until we leave for France.

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Anonymous said...

Per your advice I went out to La Kook.. there were more people out in the water than I've ever seen...30 or so at times. Saturday was pretty decent (shoulder to head high with some overhead sets and not too much wind). Sunday was also pretty good, big waves rolling but a pretty tough paddle out.. and more wind + close-out waves. We got kooked out by some guy who was trying to reserve a camp site on the beach.. we decided to camp in this primo spot and he told us that some other person was trying to reserve the spot... we said we'd move if anyone came to claim the spot.. no one ever did but he gave us stink eye the whole weekend..then later on he came over and gave us some pitch about not being allowed to have fires on the south side of the creek..thing was HE had a fire going (and so did about 20 other campers).. I think he was just jealous of the ultimate.. 3 day straight.. bonfire so hot you could roast a marshmellow from ten feet away.. He was kooking out big time. No silver audi sightings, but I saw your post that you guys were out at the port. We headed up to Neah Bay on Monday morning for some really sweet glassed off hobuck..perfect longboard waves.. we definitely gave the old people on the beach a few jaw-droppers (there were only 2 people out counting my cuz and i). checked out soooo essss and it was happenin', 2 guys out and we decided to let them have it to themselves. Sounds like the Port was workin' pretty well. Have you guys checked out the sandwich place by the shipyard (Little Mermaid...they are pretty new and they make darn good sandwiches + good chili)