Tuesday, September 11, 2007

France in my pants

Thanks to Barb and Sam we enjoyed 1st class seats from JFK to Paris. The seats were huge, big mf'ers that lyout like beds with your own movie player. Ive never flown first class on an international flight so it was pretty nice. You dont get the fancy 3 course meal on the domestic 1st class. Even got a little travel pack with pillow, toothbrush, lotin, and other junk.

Landed in Paris sort of rested at 8am. Spent the last few days walking around the city. Eating lots of bread and drinking lots of wine.

We're waiting to meet Barb&Sam and Kim&Dave today. Then head off to the coast to meet Matt&Tedè in Biaritz were I plan to get a few days of surfing. Havent bothered looking at the reports since we already have reservations and its too late to change our minds.

Im tired of trying to type on a French keyboard.

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