Monday, September 3, 2007

Alternative Sports

So what's a popular activity of surfers when they're away from the water? I guess these days it's golf. All the cool guys are playin' - Slater and Machado to name a few. Add one more to the list...Me!

Yes, today I played my very first round of golf on a golf course. Actually it was par 3 so not a real golf course. Don't ask me what my score was because I don't know. It happened all way too fast. I was just trying not to hold up the rest of the crew.

I've been to the driving range and I even own a nice full set of clubs, but they've never been used on a course until today. The clubs were actually a present from Jackie's dad who made me a custom set - the right length and for goofy footers. I'm sure he'll be stoked to know they're finally getting some use.

Also went to see the Wu-Tang tonight @ Bumbershoot. I had an all access pass so we were able to watch the show in comfort while the rest of the crowd was crammed into the field area. It was a great show.


Tara said...
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J said...

all access pass! custom clubs at the Green Lake Pitch 'n Putt?...crikey!


and whats up with the photos from ur last trip to the elwah?

ki said...

Haven't really taken many pics out at Elwah. Long way from the car to break to carry a big white lens. Don't want to leave it on the beach in my pack.

When it's decent I wanna surf instead of take pics. I'll never be a famous photog.