Friday, May 18, 2007

Weekend Outlook

There's not much for me to say that every other blog on the interweb hasn't said already. I could bitch about- the price of gas, the war 5913 miles away (nautical miles in case you thought about paddling over there), price of a new radiator for my Honda, working 55 hours this week, battles with building permits...the list could go on and on, but would you really care anyways? I doubt it. Do I even care? Not really.

Here's what concerns me-

If for some reason you fail to see the significance in this powerful image than you should question yourself why at your my blog in the first place. Hopefully any layman can see that this image elucidates* everything Northwest surfers loath- favorable weekend coastal weather conditions but with absolutely no swell. What this translates to is the Washington coast line being reduced to almost a single surf spot. Not really, but when you consider 95% of weekend rental surfboards will be bumping rails at this very spot - it will damn sure feel like it's the only surf spot on the coast. Normally on a decent swell there's plenty of room to spread out if you don't feel like scratching a the peak, and if there's any swell at all the foam tops will never make it out past the shore break- leaving you, and the longboards 50 yards further out trying to catch everything that rolls by, to happily share the waves with your bro's ;)

So this weekend, unless you feel like gettin' all Louis and Clark on us, you'll be huddled in the protective reach of the Jetty along with 100 of your closest friends evil eyeing one another. Or if you're smart you'll just stay the hell away from there and surf in the middle of the week...that is if the waves ever decide to grace us with their presence again.

* - I had to use a Thesaurus for this one

Something to drool over until the next set comes through...

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