Sunday, May 20, 2007

Better than expected

Woke up Saturday around 5:30 in the AM to check the buoys - 4ft @ 16sec from WSW w/winds out of the S. -2.5 low tide at 9:30 so we weren't in a huge hurry. Rolled out with Clem & Drex and planned to meet Peterson & Kelly out there. Big breakfast at the Westwind, but not for Kelly- lemon juice & cayenne pepper fast. Pretty impressed how she could watch us grub while going on her 3rd day of no food. Maybe I'll give it a try;)

Conditions at the Groins were better than I had expected - sun poking through, offshore winds, some decent sets pushing through. Current was pretty bad at RuffBar- no big surprise. I watched a couple of friends trying to position themselves at the peak, but didn't seem worth the effort. Everyone ended up back in the regular lineup.
Jetty was blown out so the lineup in the Groins pretty thick- normal for a summer weekend. I picked off a handful of fun waves, but defiantly wasn't going to qualify for the WCT 44 ;). Our session lasted about 2.5 hours, and was topped off with a couple of tacos on the way home.

Replacing my honda's radiator trumps a Sunday session. Hopefully conditions will improve this week so I can ditch work for a mid-week surf.

More pics from the session.

***Fantasy Surfer Update***
My results in the Teahupoo Pro has put me into the top 1k (out of 10k +). I still have some catching up to do if I expect to win the Indo trip.