Sunday, May 6, 2007

Signs of Summer surf

We got a later start than we expected, not because Trav was hungover from his birthday party the night before, but I forgot to pick Drex up so we had to wait at the South Center rendezvous for him. The conditions didn't seem spectacular so there was really no big hurry. On the ride out Trav entertained us with his latest firefighter stories and I caught up with my reading on the latest SJ.

We arrived to find waist to chest high surf at the Jetty. Still pretty clean because of the lack of winds. Tide was about to bottom out. Drex called Clem and told him to meet us out there ASAP.

Surf was pretty fun for about an hour and a half. I was hanging just outside the main peak waiting for the occasional lefts that would line up. Even though I was pretty far outside hanging out with the longboarders, the waves had enough push I could get into them pretty early and get a few mushy turns in before they jacked up on the inside for a short steep fun section.

Once the tide started to fill in the waves backed off and lost shape pretty quickly. Still some fun waves to be had on the inside, but not as consistent. After about a 30min lull in waves I decided to call it quits and head in. Drex and Trav followed.

Ended up running into Isac and passed Clem's car on the way out of the parking lot. He must have arrived and went in right as we were getting out. I can't imagine the waves got any better for him. That's what he get for sleeping in on a summer day. I imagine we'll start heading out on Friday nights again.


Doc said...

Liking the blog...

But who the hell are you?

Want a link on SIO?

ki said...

Thanks, but hasn't been much to write about these days.

Name is Ki.