Friday, May 4, 2007


2 nights and 2 really good shows.

First night was LCD SoundSystem. A huge surprise for us when we received a call from a friend who working the door at a sold out show. We had only planned on meeting a few friends for drinks before they went to the show, but ended up getting into the show. Funny thing is I was really stoked on the group coming to town, but totally spaced on getting tickets. They put on a really fun show although, they tend to be a little on the hippy jam band thing. Some songs just seemed to drag on. Jackie and I both got pretty drunk and had a good time. Shared a cab ride home with Steven, Leigh, and Kelly O.

Second night was !!!(chk chk chk). Almost didn't make it to this one. Jackie was still a little worn out from the night before and I had a long day at work. I've been a fan of their music and had heard good things about the live show so I was ok with going alone. I figured I would run into a few people there. !!! I guess you could classify them as having a balearic sound - kinda funky jam band mixed with dance, Think of the Happy Mondays. It's made up of 8 guys taking turns playing different instruments and one backup singer. Their sound was kinda rough, but it was one of the wilder, as in hands-in-the-air, shows I've been to at Neumoe's. Thank god I didn't stay at home to watch the final episode of E.R.-PUKE!

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