Monday, June 28, 2010

Return to La Push

Surfing, NW Surf, La Push, Ki Kopkau photography
I can't remember the last time I spent a weekend in La Push. I'm pretty sure I didn't make a single trip out there last year. A lot has (and hasn't) changed since then- crappy Twilight souvenirs and signs at every stop; permits for camp fires; noise ordnance banning fireworks except for a 3 month period; TEAM JACOB carved into every piece of wood, and no more hot showers. I'm not sure why this should surprise me when it's being run by a grown man riding around the campground on a 50cc child size quad-runner. You have to love the res.

We couldn't have asked for better conditions this weekend on the coast. Sure, my sleeping bag got a little wet overnight and there was a few early morning hours were we stood around trying to figure out what to do with ourselves, but afternoon sun and glassy conditions easily made up for it. I'm pretty sure everyone got their fare share of waves; maybe even more if you were dropping in on everyone and claiming birthday boy status.

Surfing, NW Surf, La Push, Ki Kopkau photography
I ate like shit this weekend. Hopefully the 8-10 hours of surfing burned off some of the crap I ingested. I had one actual sit down meal that consisted of a cheese burger, onion rings, and a Oreo shake. I'm sure through out my stay I consumed a few pounds of hot dogs, chips, trail-mix, beef jerky, and High Gravity beverages. Maybe it's time for a cleansing, or at least a few salads this week.


Anonymous said...

i heard "birthday boy" being shouted out there. so it was you huh.....

go home

"Ki"ng of La Push said...

Haha. Not me. I remember someone talking about sucking cock for beer in the parking lot...that must have been you huh?

See you this summer!

drexnefex said...

pretty sure "Ki"ng of La Push would appreciate someone telling him to go home in person.