Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Great Lakes Sessions

I ran across this the other day on Boardistan and just couldn't help but laugh. I wasn't laughing because the thought of surfing the lakes is ridiculous, but because 15 years ago that was me. I have at least 20-30 sessions under my belt surfing the waters between Frankfort and Glen Arbor.

On windy mornings I used to wake up and call the Coast Guard station in Frankfort and get real time weather reports from on-duty officers working the harbor entrance. Depending on how hard the wind was blowing and estimated wave height at the mouth of the harbor, I would make the call to drive out to the coast. From a tall hill right outside of town I could check to see if waves where breaking over the harbor walls- that was a good sign.

Great Lakes surfing didn't have as many variables to consider when and where to surf. It was always pretty small, the swell period never even came into play, you could always count on it being windy, and is was going to be cold. I also knew that I would be the only guy out.

Looking back the place had a perfect setup with jetty's you could walk out and jump off of into the lineup. Waves would break along the wall and remain pretty clean as long as it was out of the wind.

FrankFort Harbor

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