Tuesday, June 15, 2010

NWCup #3

Spent the weekend in PA @ Dry Hill shooting the NW Cup #3. Pretty stoked on some of the shots and have already found a home for a few. It was a good crew as usual which makes hiking up and down the hill much easier when you know you have a tent to kick back in and enjoy a beer when you get tired.

Lars Stenrberg ended up with the win in Pro Men. Not much of surprise since he used to practically live at Dry Hill. Jill Kintner took 1st in Pro women which is also not much of a surprise seeing she's a badass. Matt Patterson won his division again with a time that beat most of the pro division. Good thing he was generous with the beers after the race or else people would be calling him a sand-bagger.

The plan was to catch some waves after the race, although the wind was not going to let that happen. Nic and JR got skunked out west. Drex made an afternoon trip out and caught a few when the wind backed off. Would have been fun to wait it out, but I was also ready to get home and pass out. Hopefully some surf next weekend.

Not weekend related...

Some strange circumstances and a few unexpected questions at work have once again made me weary of my employment. If I've been back to work less than a year can I collect unenjoyment again?