Monday, January 25, 2010

Making Changes

Little surf and a little snow this weekend. Equally average conditions, but still a good time. Also started a new project this weekend and it's turned out to be a pretty big one- cleaning up my catalog of images. I'm not trying to implement anything different than what most serious photogs do, just better than what I've been doing. Basically it involves a lot of re- naming, importing, converting, and saving, a few hundered gigs of images.

Jetty, Westport, Surfing, Washington

Lost Images: honestly can't remember taking this. Nothing special other than single dude out catching a bomb.

In the past I imported all my RAW files, converted to DNG (with the embedded RAW file), processed the selects, upload a full res copy of the JPG to online site, backed up everything on mirrored drives, and save in batches to DVD. Sounds like a lot, but it's not bad as long as you stick to your plan and set up your programs preferences up correctly. I've done my best to stay consistant, although I'm not always perfect.

kook, westport, jetty, leash
Lost Images: No matter how many times I see this one it still makes me laugh.

So I'm changing my naming convention, updating and syncing meta data, creating multiple catalogs in Lightroom to keep the file size down to a minimum, and making sure everything is once again mirrored. Some old scripting skills have really made the job a lot easier. Not going to worry about the DVD backups right now. Hopefully I never will have to.

Best part about the whole process is coming across some hidden gems I've forgotten about.

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