Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Courtesy of StuffSurfersLike

Since I've just recently started contributing to this blog again its' been awhile since I've checked Google Analytics. The best part of G.A. is the breakdown of keyword searches that brings traffic to your site. Generally some results are informative, some disturbing, and at least one that makes me do a little research to figure out how the hell they ended up here. This time the lucky winner is "SURFERS PEE".

So when I searched for "SURFERS PEE", Slidesideways was #12 on Googles links. What does one need to know about surfers pee that they would need to check the second page of links? Here's what beat me out:

The Butthole Surfersx4
Stuff Surfers Like
Daily Stoke

Anyone know anything about SEO? It may be tough to beat out the ButtHole Surfers, but how cool would it be to have the #1 blog when it comes to searching for "Surfers pee".


drexnefex said...

i wrote one titled "Dude Tube" and got tons of gay searches
coming at my site.

Anonymous said...

I love myself.