Thursday, January 7, 2010

Last Seasons Shots

Shooting bikes is fun. Not much has come from it so far other than a few published pics and some new friends. I'm still pretty pleased with the results considering how much, or how little, time I've invested. Here are two shots that just made it into a UK downhill mag - Wideopen.

Adam Frink, Downhill, bikes
Adam Frink - Fluidride Cup

Adam Ransavage, Downhill, bikes
Adam Ransavage - Trail 27

The Downhill race schedules for next season are out now and it seems like an event every weekend. There's a few that I'll defiantly make, but would like work more on individual planned shots instead. I have a tough time going through hundred's of pics after a weekend of shooting. Process too many shots they all look the same.

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