Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vacations Over

It's time to get back to bloggin'. I fell off the wagon there for awhile and didn't have the motivation to write about anything I guess. It's not that my life became some mundane existence by any means, but bloggin' just didn't seem to fit in. I promise I won't ever take that long of a break again...until maybe next month.

I guess I'll start off pretty simple and toss up a few pics from the last couple of months-

Jamie O'Brian, North Shore, Ki Kopkau Photograpy

Jamie O'Brian - Pipeline

Veiw of Pipeline from our backporch

See the rest of the North Shore vacation pics here

A couple of action shots from the last few months-

JR Cole, Ki Kopkau photography, snowboarding
JR Cole Kings Cliff

Jeff Snowden, Downhill bike, ki kopkau photography
Jeff Snowden - Old 27

Scott Matual, Ki Kopkau photography
Scott Matual

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J said...

welcome back.