Monday, January 14, 2008

SunPeaks...without the Sun

Josh over sidewalk gap
Spent a long weekend in SunPeaks with a really great crew of people- Jackie,Josh,D,Mary,Vince,Etty,Nate. Everyone was a solid rider so we didn't have to wait much or worry about what color run we were on. And if we did ditch someone we just kept going and eventually we'd find `em on another run. No bitching or complaining either.

Lots of jibbing and riding at top speeds. Fresh snow fall was pretty good, but coverage was not the best. The snow in the trees was barely hiding stumps and logs...and we all eventually found a few. The mountain is not very steep and also lacked the drops we're accustom to back home, but plenty of fun jib stuff to wreck on. Vince kept taking little kids out even though the lift lines were almost non-existent.

Mary over the hot tub gap
Stayed at Mary's parents vacation home which was super nice. It was one of those Ski-in-ski-out luxury places- complete with heated floors, boot dryers, and hot tub. Lots of hot tub time to keep the muscles loose and blood thin, or was that the beer and shots?

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