Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cold Days Ahead

snowboarding, snoqualmie, Justin, Jackson, Rodeo flipJackson with the Rodeo

The snow has taken a break and given way to sunny days and freezing temps. I'm really excited about the clear skies, but not so much the freezing temps. Already scored a small patch of frostbite on my index finger from sledding/snowboarding/shooting pics all MLK day. It was well worth dead patch of skin.

snowboarding, snoqualmie, Justin, Jackson, Rodeo flipBecker with the cheese

Baker birthday weekend was pretty fun. Of course a little more relaxing than I imagined, but none the less fun. First day was sunny and pretty hard snow. Second day was a few inches on top of crust. Just enough snow to inspire us to seek out a couple drops. My ass is still recovering from a big ice patch on a run out.

The crew was different than usual - Obie, Laura, Ethan, Annie, Jason, and his lady(name???). It's fun hanging out with them, but nothing crazy. Riding with Obie is always a good time. Jackie actually tried to ski for the 3rd time again and of course did well. Next day she went back to the snowboard when the snow started to accumulate. Also ran into Otter, Mike, and Des, in the lift line. We did a few fun lines with `em till they took off to ride the front.

Surf looks really good this week. Too bad my boss is in town and I have to show my face around the office or else I'd be 'working from home' again. Talking about heading out one day this weekend. I don't expect it to be anything but friggin' cold.

Drex's site been active with the usual shit talking in the past few weeks. About time he starts the forums up again.

-Non-Stop Round trip ticket to 4 day weekend in Vail(Feb. 21st) - $130
-New Ice cream maker for the kitchen
-HI. North Shore in 40 days

-$50 parking ticket on MLK
-boots that will never seem to dry
-No Summit Pipe yet

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