Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Great Outdoors

Sunday morning surf with Jackie waiting in the car- super low tide, no wind, not much swell, and a bunch of people in the water. Plenty of fun waves in the inside. Lasted for about 3 hours. The rest of the crew showed up when I was packing up. I guess they had a really fun session too.

There's talk of heading back to OR and surfing with Dax again. Not sure if I can make it because of work stuff. I can maybe work out one night.

Yesterday I took the day off and went to Tolmie Peak. Pretty good hike - 6 miles and lots of vertical. The view from the watch tower was the big payoff. The peak over looks a few alpine lakes with Rainer in the background, and in the other direction you can barely see the city.

I would have stayed longer to try and get some good pics at dusk, but the bugs were out of control. I never experienced mosquitoes like that in my life, and I grew up close to swamps in Florida. I'm surprised how many few bites I actually have. I remember at one point looking down at my arm and seeing about 30 blood suckers on my arm alone. Next time I'm bringing the Deet.

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